Raw marketing stats + observations

This is a post which primarily provides raw stats, and some context to interpret them. It's not really about marketing strategy, because my marketing strategy was mostly, "lets see what players find their way through itch robot magic if I do absolutely nothing to properly draw them to me". If you want to see the complete stats for a tiny game played by a tiny number of players, look on!

It's not shown here, but I've had a total of 26 browser plays, which is about half the views. Not a shabby ratio.

Not screenshotted, my post mortem has 37 views.

Okay, context for my "marketing". My "marketing" consisted of me showing off my first puzzlescript game to my friends and family on discord / facebook, posting a link on my tiny twitter account, and posting on two discord game development communities (one of which isn't included in this stats as I linked only to the raw puzzlescript game, not the page itself, though that community helped a TON with the development of the game by providing coding advice and great playtesting feedback). In total 15 of the 50 views were outside views, and the other 35 were itch algorithm magic!

Well. That's the stats! Before I leave you, a few observations:

1. I have a pretty good conversion rate. I think this is because puzzlescript players search specifically for puzzlescript games, and the niche is small enough that I remain in the first 5 newest puzzlescript games to this day.Those people might only be 4 people, but thats enough for a tiny sample size to skew the results out.

2. I deleted the one comment I had; it contained an advertisement for a game competition run by a for-profit corporation I'd never heard of. I feel no malice towards the poster, but... the principle.

3. 3 people looked at my game after reading the post mortem first. I didn't intend my post mortem to advertise the game, but it kind of did. I guess the moral of this story is document your work?

TL;DR Un-marketed puzzlescript game gets tiny number of plays. I'm looking forward to comparing this data to a more hyped game.

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