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Misled puzzled is a free movie length puzzle game about deducing rules and connecting symbols. Solve interesting puzzles, deduce unique sneaky rules, and click your way through over 100 levels. 


  • 1-2 hours playtime, with over 100 puzzles.
  • No story,  No filler, Barely any text. 100% pure puzzle problem solving.
  • Elegant, abstract art.
  • 7 special symbols, each with a sneaky unique rule you'll have to deduce. 
  • Non-linear game-play; access 5 of the 7 zones in any order.
  • Deductive problem solving. Well really inductive problem solving, but deduction is close enough and  more people know the definition of deduction. If you know the definition of deduction or induction, or you were curious enough to google the meanings, this game is 100% for you. If you didn't and just took me on faith, this game is 100% for you. 
  • A game you can download right now for free!

Look copyright lawyers scare me deeply so I'm not going to do this, but just imagine there was a lovely, funny image here of your favorite meme. It said something like "You should download this game because you're a great person and this game is great like you". Imagine upon seeing this meme, you laughed, and said out loud "That meme was funny, in a down to earth personable way,  but also in a mysteriously dark and edgy way." Just imagine how great this meme was, how good it made you feel, and how it finally tipped you over the edge into clicking the download button below, downloading this really small and interesting non-linear puzzle game about deducing rules and connecting symbols. Download. You won't regret it.

StatusIn development
Release date Apr 07, 2019
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Abstract, Casual, DRM Free, Minimalist, Mouse only, Nonlinear, Non violent, Point & Click
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button

Install instructions

The game comes in two formats: Firstly, an installer that installs the game on windows. Secondly, a zipped folder containing all the game files and the exe. Both are identical, and both should work!

Although other resolutions are supported for accessibility purposes, we recommend you play the game windowed at resolution 720x480. It'll look nicer.

Note: Unfortunately the windows installer currently shows up as a "potentially unsafe program" on windows 10. You can absolutely still use the installer,  but if the popup bothers you you can instead download the zipped version of the game. Sorry for the inconvenience!


MisledPuzzledSetup.exe 14 MB
MisledPuzzledZip.zip 20 MB


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Deleted 1 year ago

It'll take at least a month for steam to decide my game isn't secretly a super villain from the planet of doom, but yeah, I'll probably add this to steam in the may-ish 2019 future.

Itch is way nicer than steam though. Ill definitely properly finish a belated trailer and put it onto this page first before entangling myself in the steam infrastructure.