A crate pushing puzzle game where the rules change in surprising and unexpected ways.

Instructions: Arrow keys to move, 'Z' to undo, 'R' to restart.

A puzzlescript hosted alternate is available here:  https://www.puzzlescript.net/play.html?p=c01ac3d56d75c2870dee8208a1a9a996

This game was a collaboration with the excellent Sky Chan.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPuzzleScript
TagsAbstract, Minimalist, PuzzleScript, Short, Sokoban
Average sessionA few minutes


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Was wondering, as I often do, how many levels? When I got to the end. Clever and fun, if a little scary. Usually one counts on knowing the rules. When they change on the fly, it's unnerving. But well done. Where's everyone been the past 3 months?


I absolutely loved this.  Thank you very much, and well done!

amazing! i actually gasped over the creativity of this

Great game with some evil twists. Had a lot of fun playing this one!


That...was incredible.
Never have I been taken on a journey so much with a simple pixel art game.
Every level just had me going "Whaaat?" and it was such a trip.
Thank you.


Hello, it is me who collaborates with Croubble. Thank you for playing the game.


Although the game is designed for completion without spoilers, for accessibility purposes a complete walkthrough can be found here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET1a6jHGBYo&feature=youtu.be